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How to use our Crypto Intelligence SystemTM

Each ring of the Crypto BullseyeTM represents a zone of knowledge that builds out from the center to the outermost zone of success. The five crypto resource zones circle each other, expanding out in logical order to help you learn mistake-free crypto and maximize returns.

What's next?

We recommend you get familiar with all five zones - starting with Zone 1 - so you can discover our content methodology.

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Explore the five zones of Crypto Bullseye

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Crypto for
Individual Investors

Get started with crypto

Get step-by-step instructions on how to get started with cryptocurrency, how to avoid crypto scams and more.

Crypto for Investors
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Crypto for

Avoid crypto fraud and tax mistakes

Find out how to safeguard your business from crypto fraud.  Get tax strategies to minimize  overpayments.

Crypto for Businesses

How to Buy Bitcoin: A Beginner's Guide

Take these easy steps to buy Bitcoin securely and confidently.


Crypto Advice for Beginners: 
What You Need to Know as You’re Getting Started

Get essential crypto advice, from the basics to strategic portfolio diversification.

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Top Crypto Fraud Risks and How to Avoid Them

Why you're your own worst enemy

 It’s true fraudsters are constantly on the attack, but here's why you're your own biggest threat.


A Comprehensive Guide to Crypto Password Management

Explore various storage methods, the best ways to manage passwords, and how to keep them safe.


Crypto Coaching and
Why It's  Important

As interest in crypto grows, so does the need for crypto coaching to help navigate all the complexities and nuances of this new asset class. 

Featured crypto courses


The Crypto Tax Blueprint

Exchanges and wallets to completed return

Avoid Getting Tax Rekt

Protonmail & Email

Secret weapon #1
The first tool in your crypto toolbox

Get Your Secret Weapon

Mastering Estimated Tax Payments

Avoid penalties, interest and anxiety

Manage Crypto Taxes

Crypto coaching and memberships

1:1 coaching with a crypto OG and all-inclusive memberships

Explore Coaching
Browse Memberships

Why Crypto Bullseye?

While most crypto education focuses on what to do, Crypto Bullseye resources also include what not to do - so you can avoid expensive crypto mistakes.

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Triple the Trust

Insight from a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Bitcoin Professional

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20,000+ Hours

Crypto intel from an OG power user, DeFi degen, tax and accounting authority, and two-time author

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Mistake-Free CryptoTM

A crypto GPS that gives you every step in the right order for the highest returns in this new asset class

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