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"The simplest and most reliable crypto tax software and calculator"

  • Supports 40+ exchanges and wallets
  • 3 cost basis methods
  • Free to use pay when you need a report
  • Special Promo Code: CRYPTOTAX10
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"The leader for cryptocurrency tracking and tax reporting"

  • Portfolio dashboard
  • Supports 110+ exchanges and wallets
  • 12 cost basis methods
  • Supports almost 10,000 assets
  • 25 customizable reports
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"Koinly calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and helps you reduce them for next year"

  • Supports 300+ exchanges and wallets
  • 4 cost basis methods
  • DeFi, margin trades and futures
  • Free to use pay when you need a report 
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How to Choose the Best Crypto Tax Software

With a myriad of options available, it's essential to consider factors such as user interface, supported exchanges, tax calculation methods, and security features. Explore how to choose the best crypto tax software

"Easily file your bitcoin and crypto taxes for capital gains and income"

✅ One of the original crypto tax platforms

✅ Supports 30 exchanges and wallets

✅ 5 cost basis methods

✅ Track trading, income and spending 

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"Automatically calculates your crypto taxes and generates your crypto tax forms"

  • Supports 42+ exchanges and wallets
  • 3 cost basis methods
  • Margin trading and DeFi
  • Tax loss harvesting
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