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Avoid getting rekt by crypto taxes

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Strategizing crypto tax to avoid getting tax rekt

Crypto influencers and educators focus on getting big 10X returns and portfolio strategy. But in the same way fancy returns without considering risk are meaningless, returns without considering tax liabilities are meaningless and can get you tax rekt. Portfolio strategy dovetails with tax strategy by deciding what to invest in, why to invest, when to buy, sell, or hold and understating the tax consequences.

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How to Navigate Taxes on Cryptocurrencies

How to Prevent Crypto Tax Mistakes (& Avoid Paying Crypto Taxes)

How to Choose the Best Crypto Tax Software

How to Avoid Getting Rekt by Crypto Taxes ↗

Crypto Taxes: Not as Easy to Hide from as You'd Imagine↗

[Kirk Phillips quoted]

Virtual Currency Not FBAR Reportable (at least for now)↗


Crypto Taxes: Still Confused After All These Years↗


Bitcoin Taxation: A Gift from the IRS and the Coffee Problem↗

What If You Can't Pay Taxes on Your Crypto Gains?↗


Eliminate Short-Term Capital Gains for Warp-Speed Bitcoin Adoption↗

What to Expect When the IRS Alters its Bitcoin Tax Policy↗

[Kirk Phillips quoted] 

Billion-Dollar Returns: The Upside of Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency↗

The IRS Just Issued its First Cryptocurrency Tax Guidance in 5 Years ↗

[Kirk Phillips quoted] 

Here’s What You Need to Know for Your 2020 Taxes When Reporting Virtual Currency to the IRS↗

[Kirk Phillips quoted]

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The Crypto Tax Blueprint 

Exchanges and wallets to complete tax return


Avoid pitfalls, eliminate headaches, and produce useful financial data. Never overpay or under report your taxes.

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Mastering Estimated Tax & Payments 

Avoid getting rekt by crypto taxes


Manage taxes to avoid penalties, interest and anxiety. Avoid getting tax rekt by crypto gains and biz income.

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Questions today's CPAs need to ask about tomorrow's blockchain↗

with Kirk Phillips, the Bitcoin CPA

AICPA Updated Comments on IRS Notice 2014-21: Virtual Currency Guidance↗


Blockchain Adoption is Inevitable—Barriers and Risks Remain ↗



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