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How my crypto journey began

Meet crypto CPA, coach and business consultant Kirk David Phillips

Near the end of December 2013, a friend asked me for advice about Bitcoin because she wanted to buy equipment, mine bitcoin, and "make some money." 

I had heard the word Bitcoin but didn't know anything else about it. In answer to her question, I soon found myself writing. The Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guidean effort that took me way down the Bitcoin rabbit hole (as many folks describe). 

20,000 hours later

A decade later I've done just about everything in the blockchain and crypto space, including investing, DeFi, NFTs, airdrops, the metaverse, and more, while also making bad choices and getting hacked and scammed a few times along the way.

Building on my own wisdom and expertise, I’ve provided crypto education, coaching and advice to thousands of individuals, startups, and professionals, including CPAs and attorneys. Crypto Bullseye brings all these crypto insights and experience together in one trusted crypto education website.

Yours in Crypto,

Kirk David Phillips, CPA, CMA, CFE, CBP

What is the Crypto Bullseye Zone?

The Crypto Bullseye Zone™ is a crypto education website consisting of crypto coaching and crypto memberships , including crypto crash courses and intel designed to get you up to speed 32X faster.

How should I use the Crypto Bullseye Zone?

The Crypto Bullseye Zone™ lays out a Crypto Intelligence System™ for every user to follow. Each ring of the Crypto Bullseye™ is a zone of knowledge that builds out from the center to the outermost zone of success. The five zones of crypto intelligence circle each other, expanding out in logical order, so you learn mistake-free crypto and maximize your returns.

The 5 Zones of Crypto Bullseye

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