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Missing Transactions = Higher Crypto Tax crypto assets crypto tax Apr 21, 2023

Getting your data before you can't

The Missing Transactions Dilemma is one of the most expensive crypto tax mistakes in the game. Most people don't realize it until they are deep in the realization of it.

In crypto there are two kinds of assets:

  1. Crypto assets (the obvious one)
  2. The data about the...
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GameStop, Goliath, Crypto Craziness & Golden Nuggets: Pt II crypto assets crypto investing Feb 05, 2021

Crypto craziness continues

In part one of this blog we talked about GameStop and related crypto craziness. WallStreetBets was David taking on Melvin Capital as Goliath. In this case David's stone was a short squeeze that almost killed the hedge fund.

The tweet and pumps spilled over into crypto...

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